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Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS)


PBIS is a broad range of systematic and individualize strategies for achieving important social and learning outcomes while preventing problem behaviors with all students. PBIS is based on a long history of behavioral practices and effective instructional design and strategies. The PBIS approach enhances the schools ability to educate all children by developing researched-based, school wide, and classroom discipline systems. The focus is on teaching and reinforcing appropriate behaviors throughout the day. The reinforcement of positive behavior should out weigh reactions to negative behavior 4:1. PBIS is a team based approach that includes problem solving, planning and evaluation. PBIS Maryland is a partnership between the Maryland State Department of Education, Johns Hopkins University, Sheppard Pratt Health Systems, and the local school systems.

Mission Statement

To establish and maintain a safe school environment that maximizes the academic achievement and behavioral competence of the students.



The overall goal is for our students to achieve both academic and behavioral success.


If you know of an individual or a business that may be willing to make a donation to the PBIS program at Calvert Country School, please contact the main office at 443-550-9910.

Calvert Country School Belief Statements

  • Teaching and learning is the highest priority
  • Changing behavior takes time
  • Behavior management is a part of the daily routine
  • Every discipline situation is an opportunity to teach expected behaviors
  • Expected behaviors must be communicated, taught and modeled everyday
  • Punishment by itself cannot change behaviors

Incentive Programs

CCS utilizes a variety of both classroom and school based incentives. The most notable school based incentive is the Comet Cash Store. Students will earn Comet Cash when they display the targeted behaviors of respect, responsibility, ready to learn, and safety. The students will then be able to spend their Comet Cash in their classroom based Comet Cash store. The Comet Cash store will be available depending upon each student’s individualized needs.

Another PBIS incentive program is student of the month. A student is selected upon demonstrating excellence around the targeted behaviors, and within a chosen instructional area. Upon being selected, their certificate will be displayed publicly to allow for peer and staff members to share in their success.

CCS also has a variety of other school wide activities that support positive behaviors, such as: Ribbon Day, Harvest Festival, Country Western Day, and Healthy Heart Day.